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RISMedia - Rebrand of the Year

Brand Redux

re-duks \ Brought back; returned. Used postpositively.

n Latin, redux (from the verb reducere, meaning "to lead back") can mean "brought back" or "bringing back".

RISMedia joins the Renaissance...

Old Logo Vs. New Logo

Slide vertical bar left and right to see before and after.

Why Rebrand?

In order to stay relevant and current, we needed to revisit our brand to modernize our look & make our logo more flexible.

A Nod to our History

The arc is carried forward in the "A" letter shape.

Examples of logo in use

What RISMedia is Saying

"I'm so pleased with the rebrand of RISMedia and can't wait to share it with everyone! A big thank you to the REW team for such a thoughtful and modern design. Amazing job!" - Kelli McKenna Vice President, Creative Services

John Featherston On RISMedia's Rebrand By REW


RISMedia Brand Redux with REW

"We are all so thrilled with this redesign and appreciate everyone's efforts!"

Branding matters

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. A.C. Benson